Sagmeister X Walsh Game Show


Adobe approached Sagmeister & Walsh to make an interpretive graphic of their logo. During the time Moritz was working in their NYC office, they decided to have some fun and turn it into a competition, in which both Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh re-interpret the Adobe logo in various art challenges. The winner will be the ultimate Creative Master! We designed, produced, and edited this five part gameshow series.

A project by Sagmeister & Walsh.

Directors/Participants/Designers: Stefan Sagmeister & Jessica Walsh
Design: Moritz Resl, Christian Widlic, Wade Jeffree, Lily Tidhar, Jordan Shevell, Dan Hennessy
Producer Editor/Director: Santiago Carrasquilla
Set Design/Build: Adi Goodrich
Director of Photography: Zak Mulligan
Design/Animation: Zipeng Zhu
Sound: Lakyoto Sound Studio
Judges: Stefan Bucher, Jessica Hische, Joshua Davis and Noreen Morioka
Host: Todd Newton
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