Raiffeisen Bank


Monolith is a permanent 4.10 meters tall visual installation in the entrance hall of a recently-built energy-efficient skyscraper next to Vienna’s Donaukanal river.

With the use of sensors, the building’s complete energy consumption and production is measured throughout the year. Based on that gathered data, Monolith is an animated, generative visual artwork. In different chapters, data used for cooling, heating as well as photovoltaic energy and electricity consumption is fed into different algorithms for generating visual output.

The main focus is to compare between day and night, winter and summer — and warm and cold cycles. Potentially endless variations of visual output are generated, depending on the current energy within the building.

A project commissioned by checkpointmedia for Raiffeisenhaus Wien GesbR.
Design, Custom Software Development, Photography, Video: Moritz Resl and Paul Sommersguter
Concept, Production, Project Management: checkpointmedia

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