OFFF Vienna


We were part of the OFFF Vienna 2018 Artist Lineup and created a procedural, real-time installation based on our recent work for MIT’s School of Science – especially their contribution to the discovery of gravitional waves.


Early this year, Process developed a series of animated visualizations for the new website of MIT‘s School of Science depicting some of the University’s most prestigious involvements. Among them the recent discovery of gravitational waves through the use of large, highly sensitive laser detectors. These complex, kilometer-long machines are built upon a strikingly simple idea: the interference patterns generated by two intersecting beams of light.
The graphical system built for MIT is now presented in the form of a real-time procedural installation — based on the principles behind some of the most important scientific discoveries of our time.

OFFF Festival

OFFF Design Festival has been inspiring creative minds all around the globe for many years. In October 2018, it stopped for its 1st edition in Vienna. OFFF Vienna took place October 5 & 6.

Concept, Design: Process
Music: Joe Resl

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