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St. Pölten 2024, Bid Book

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For St. Pölten’s application to become European Capital of Culture 2024 we designed the first Bid Book and with it a custom-made graphical system to create graphics and animations.

Rescaling Distances

All graphics in the book including the cover and animations were produced with a graphic design system specially developed for the purpose. Each image is a snapshot of a generative animation process. Three coloured basic elements orbit a common centre while growing, shrinking and continually reconfiguring themselves. The constant change of perspective alters their equidistance and establishes new relationships between them: as the elements connect, they produce new colour transitions; they conflate into surfaces which then decompose into clouds of dots, always linked by their common orbit.

St. Pölten 2024

Why, of all cities, would St. Pölten – which, for some Austrians, is synonymous with all that is provincial and mediocre – apply to become European Capital of Culture 2024? This is a question we have been asked constantly. The answer: because this city has the potential, because the local population is fully committed, and because it offers ideal conditions for rescaling distances between opposites and contradictions. Our aim: to develop St. Pölten into a role model for a livable mid-sized European city in the centre of Europe!

You can download a PDF of the book via the offical website

To give you an overview of what’s possible with our tool, here’s a video showing off some of its functionality. At any given point in time you can pause the animation and export high resolution graphics, ready for print or even a series of still frames for animations.

We designed a second bid book, too. Have a look here.

Creative Direction, Technical Direction, Design
Martin Grödl and Moritz Resl

Editorial Design
Gerhard Jordan

Editorial Team & St. Pölten 2024 Office
Michael Duscher, Albrecht Grossberger, Bernadette Gugerell, Jakob Redl, Carolin Riedelsberger

Gugler GmbH

NÖ Kulturlandeshauptstadt St. Pölten GmbH

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