Traffic to Nowhere

Chamber New York

Like most designers we have spent a lot of energy trying to create something functional, something that actually works for a user/viewer. We are very aware though of the enormous beauty contained in something with little function: Comparing a commute to work (high functionality) to a stroll in the park (low functionality) the latter is certainly much more enjoyable. Here is a series of traffic signs with no meaning. They contain no instructions, don’t tell you which way to go, or how to behave while getting there.

They can be put up on a wall or above a sofa. With that they contain limited decorative value — their function level is very low.

Triangular, circular, square — Sagmeister’s signs are made up of familiar shapes. These are incomprehensible, however, as all nine laser-cut signs have no meaning. The set of visually engaging but useless tools is rather a critical comment on the need for function in design. To “design” originally meant “to signify.” This meaning was lost when superseded by the word “to designate.” Reference is lost in Sagmeister’s signs. Without representing anything outside of itself, without giving instructions, “Traffic to Nowhere,” as the name suggests, is a combination of interruptions in a direction with no destination. — Chamber

Exclusively sold through Chamber in New York — A boutique devoted to exclusive limited editions & unique works of art and design.

Interview with Design made in Austria (in german).

A project by Sagmeister & Walsh.

Creative Direction: Stefan Sagmeister
Design: Moritz Resl
Photography: Santiago Carrasquilla, Louise Mertens, Sagmeister & Walsh
Sign Production: Voss Signs, New York

Dimensions: 27 3/5 × 24 inches, 24 × 24 inches, 24 × 24 inches
Type: Edition of 10
Materials: Silk Screened Aluminium

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