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Research Video

Annotated videos as a new standard of publishing practice-based and artistic research

Research Video explores solutions for the publication of results of artistic research in the fields of dance and theatre, which are based on annotated videos. Until today research in these fields is still widely text-based, but for a couple of years now, the claim for “enhanced publications” has been made. The central element of this will be multimedial publication – which, in the field of performing arts, is mostly audiovisual material in the form of video.

New technological features of annotating video material make it possible to enrich a video much in the same way as one would enrich a written text with references and comments, thus making it apt for academic reading and for future research. The research project will explore these new possibilities by 1. developing a software for annotated videos that is optimized for the publication of results of artistic research, 2. conducting and evaluating several user cases provided by artists of the field, and 3. presenting and discussing the tool to the research-community as a possible new standard in the publication of artistic research in the performing arts and in corresponding fields.

The project is a cooperation of the Institute for the Performing Arts and Film and cast/audiovisual media as a practice-based research project.

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