Online Base

Generative Identity for University of Applied Arts Vienna

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The Online Base is a Website for the University of Applied Arts Vienna. This is a concept, the images shown above are visual mockups and should therefore not be considered as finished.

A Base for Everyone

The Online Base presents content by the University of Applied Arts Vienna (Die Angewandte). Works by students and teachers/professors, events, courses as well as information about everybody at the university can be accessed and managed. The target audience is a diverse group of students, staff, alumni and everybody interested in the university’s activities.

In contrast to many online portals, there’s no need to log in in order to view information: all basic functions are available for everyone. If users are logged in, they are provided with a personalized view. The portal is divided into several ‘applications’: Events, Teaching, People and Search — each using a different accent color.

Dynamic Identity

The foundation of the visual identity is the content of the portal. Instead of a static logo we designed a dynamic process that incorporates images, videos and text uploaded by the users to generate a sculptural logo. Every additional content is incorporated into the logo. It is possible to generate a logo for a specific set of content, too, by using the uploads from an institute, from a single person, from a class etc.

Concept, Design: Process

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