Annual Report 2017


Building the Future – Annual Report 2017
What does the network on the cover of the 2017 Annual Report stand for? The full strength of the Wienerberger Group, as each of the dots represents one of the Group’s production sites. “Building the Future” offers comprehensive insights into the development of business during the past year and Wienerberger’s strategy for the future.
Artwork: Generative, Custom-Made
We designed a custom made, generative tool to create artwork for the cover and to showcase different success stories. Building the Future is all about emphasizing Wienerberger AG’s drive to grow. The result is on the border line between infographics and abstract artwork. All the graphics are generated procedurally, are unique and are used not only for print, but for web, animation and social media. Find variants, in-progress shots and other work on our instagram account.

World’s largest Producer of Bricks
Wienerberger AG is the world’s largest producer of bricks, and number one on the clay roof tile market in Europe as well as concrete pavers in Central and Eastern Europe. In pipe systems, the company is one of the leading suppliers in Europe.



The report was awarded with

IADA Awards 2018, London
Diamond Winner
Gold Winner

International ARC Awards 2018
3x Bronze, 1x Honors, New York

LACP Worldwide Vision Awards:
Gold Winner Worldwide
Top 100 Reports Worldwide
Best Report Cover EMEA Region
Top Report Austria
Top 80 Reports EMEA Region

Design, Custom Software (Generative Artworks): Process
Concept, Design (Annual Report): Brainds, Marken und Design GmbH
Illustration: Blagovesta Bakardjieva
Photography: Bernhard Angerer
Client: Wienerberger AG

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