Sustainability Report

Generative Artworks, Custom-Made
We designed a custom made tool to create plant-inspired, growing structures for Wienerberger AG’s newest sustainability report. The images were used as the cover and to showcase all individual chapters. In order to allow visual exploration and a multitude of output, our individually designed tool is tightly coupled with the content. The result is on the border line between infographics and abstract artwork. All the graphics are generated procedurally, are unique and can be used not only for print, but in different media like web, animation or (interactive) installation. We worked closely with Brainds, who are responsible for the design and the overall concept of the sustainability report.

Multitude of Visual Output
All images are a selection , if you want to see more output/variations head over to our instagram page.

Austrian Sustainability Reporting Award 2017

Concept, Design, Custom Software (Generative Artworks): Process
Concept, Design (Sustainability Report): Brainds, Marken und Design GmbH
Photography: Christina Häusler
Client: Wienerberger AG

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