Annual Report

World’s largest Producer of Bricks
Wienerberger AG is the world’s largest producer of bricks, and number one on the clay roof tile market in Europe as well as concrete pavers in Central and Eastern Europe. In pipe systems, the company is one of the leading suppliers in Europe.

Generative Artworks, Custom-Made
For the company’s newest annual report we designed custom made, generative artworks for the cover and to showcase highlighted success stories. In order to allow visual exploration and a multitude of output, we created individual tools based on the content of these success stories. The result is on the border line between infographics and abstract artwork. All the graphics are generated procedurally, are unique and can be used not only for print, but in different media like web, animation or (interactive) installation. We worked closely with Brainds, who are responsible for the design and the overall concept of the annual report. This is Wienerberger’s first publication using their new corporate design.

Multitude of Visual Output
The following images are a selection of the most representative ones mixed with those printed in the publication, sorted by the individual stories. If you want to see more output/variations head over to our instagram page. To further explain the concept of “No more flash flooding” we made a video showing the process and variety using adjustable parameters.

No more flash flooding
Everything flows – and in an orderly manner, thanks to Raineo. This smart system supports the natural circulation of water. This visual, based on NASA data on the topology of Europe, shows how water behaves. When rain falls on the virtual map, water finds its way through the landscape. The artistic abstraction shows a fascinating river structure.

New possibilities through innovative technologies
From prototypes to complex products for special applications – the potential of 3D printing is almost unlimited. Layer by layer, the workpiece takes shape. As shown in this image, objects are created in a computer-controlled additive process by laying down successive layers of material. The visual presentation is reminiscent of wire-frame models used in printing.

Digital garden design
Users of the GardenVisions App can design their own open spaces by varying the shape, color and surface finish of the paving. This image was inspired by the diversity of product configurations. Surfaces and three-dimensional objects were generated from graphic patterns and a visual cross-section was created through super-position: a work of art that symbolizes the impressive range of this app.

Networking in Building Design in the Digital Age
Networking at all levels and optimized construction processes – that’s Building Information Modeling. This visual illustrates the collaborative process. A generative algorithm creates a network of all the entities involved in the project. Their roles in the system are aesthetically visualized in terms of size and the degree of interconnection between the nodes.

3 ARC Awards: 1x Gold, 2x Bronze — International ARC Awards 2017, New York
LACP Vision Gold Award — Worldwide Annual Report Competition 2016

Concept, Design, Custom Software (Generative Artworks): Process
Concept, Design (Annual Report): Brainds, Marken und Design GmbH
Client: Wienerberger AG

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